General Contractor Services in Eugene OR

Our company specializes in providing specialized general contracting services to all our clients. Strong relationships, expertise, capable leadership, and a myriad of resources can all be attributed to our success throughout the years we have been in business. Our team comprises of reliable professionals who are dedicated to providing the best services. We have developed strong ties with subcontractors and our partners which has enabled us to work diligently together in cooperation and respect to achieve project success.

We walk with our clients and act as a source of assurance during the critical stage of our construction and remodeling projects. We do this by providing detailed project status reports, exercising exceptional quality control, and providing expert on-site management. This applies for both hard bid projects whereby we were not involved in the initial design stages of the project to design-build projects where we are actively involved in the project from the start.  

Our project goals include strict adherence to the schedule, creating effective communication channels, maintaining quality and safety on-site, and controlled costs. Attaining these goals ensures that the client gets exceptional results from the project. The subcontractors we work with go through a pre-qualification process before working on any project to ensure that they are fit for tasks when the time comes. Also, all the suppliers we work with are evaluated based on their performance in the past and the stability of their business. These precautions are necessary as they guarantee that every client we work with receives high-quality goods and services as well as great value for their investment.

Some of the general contracting services we offer include site supervision, site-security, project cost management, and project management from the initial phase of the project to its completion. Working with us is not about taking a chance and hoping it all goes well. No. Choosing us is the first step towards a guaranteed construction or remodeling project success.